Ukraine Run, But You Can’t Hide

And there it is. Earlier today Adam Schiff, chair of the House intelligence committee, disclosed that in accordance with 50 U.S. Code § 3033, the National Intelligence whistleblower whose complaint was found credible and urgent has taken the necessary steps to speak directly to Congress.

First, thank you whistleblower! You are a true patriot. All those beer-and Dorito-consuming couch farts who consider themselves patriots for hating Colin Kaepernick desperately need to learn a lesson from you.

Second, let’s remember that we still don’t know whether the content of the whistleblower complaint is the same as, similar to, somewhat different from, or completely different from what the media have uncovered (and the President has largely admitted to) concerning the extortion of Ukraine’s president, using duly allocated public money, to obtain potentially embarrassing disclosures about Hunter Biden’s business dealings in hopes of enhancing Trump’s chance for re-election.

At least now it appears we’re going to find out.

If the Ukraine extortion story is true — what an amazing string of coincidences if it isn’t — the whistleblower complaint can only add to the President’s offenses. Which means the question becomes whether to impeach.

Some wags believe the President is inviting impeachment. As noted in an earlier post, impeachment is the worst that can happen to him, and if he survives it, he truly can act with impunity. But based on what we’ve learned these last few days, it appears he’s already acting with impunity, which means there’s nothing to be lost by impeachment — and potentially much to be gained.

The President is of course banking on Senate Republicans standing behind him en bloc. But Mitt Romney is wavering, and my guess is that privately, many of Romney’s colleagues are also contemplating this opportunity to rid themselves of a historically unpopular, authoritarian leader rushing their party (and country) toward disaster. The Republicans might do better in the 2020 election with the saner, calmer, and just as true-believing Mike Pence at the helm. And who knows? Perhaps under all that collective cowardice, there lurk a few hearts that still quicken to credible, urgent calls for genuine patriotism.

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy. (Courtesy of

Former Risk Manager at UC Berkeley, author of four books, ectomorphic introvert.

Former Risk Manager at UC Berkeley, author of four books, ectomorphic introvert.