’Til We Cross the Burning Water

[Clegg]’s forty years old and not at all the typical hedonistic, naive rock star. He’s got the same attributes Marley had: a broad, fully adult emotional range plus a strong sense of rhythm and melody. On top of that he can dance — god can he dance! He forever put the lie to my claim that Jewish men can’t dance (which I invoked to escape having to do it with The Fabulous Wife all these years). Because the talent is there, he didn’t resort to the usual concert tricks, i.e. costumes and make-up, exotic staging, laser shows, etc. Just the music and dance, straight over the top. It packed one hell of a wallop. Unless he’s assassinated he could stay on top for a long time, although his political orientation could limit him (as it did Marley) to cult status in the U.S.

Mandela with President Bill Clinton, 1993.



Former Risk Manager at UC Berkeley, author of four books, ectomorphic introvert.

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