Making Scenes

What I’m asking you to think about is what actually happens in those final moments. I’m not talking about a shocking, violent death. I’m talking about when you know it’s coming. When you’ve fully surrendered to the ultimate magic trick, when we really and truly disappear. I’ve sat at the bedside and I’ve held the hands of friends and loved ones as they breathed their last breath. And I can tell you this. The dramatic soliloquy at the end of life is pure and utter nonsense. If anything is being said, it’s internal. You can almost hear it. They’re having an internal conversation filled with disbelief and wonder that their life has come to an end. They hardly notice you sitting there at all. For the dying, the living are irrelevant. So, if you should ever have the opportunity to play such a scene, approach it with reverence. Consider it holy. Make sure it receives your utmost care and respect.

Douglas and amazing octogenarian Alan Arkin from the first season of The Kominsky Method.



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